10 Hacks to Make Office Life a bit Bearable

The office can be a bit hectic, and you might feel upset if something goes wrong at work. Have you ever wondered what would happen if coffee gets spilled on your laptop? What can you possibly do when you need to freshen up at work and are feeling dead tired? When you are at work, you might not be able to have access to all the cleaning supplies and comforts.

You don’t have to feel upset because everything has a solution. If you plan a strategy, you might be able to organize your desk at the workplace and have a comfortable working day. You need to have decent behavior at your workplace, and your employees should have a good impression of you, and that is only possible when you feel calm and fresh.

To set yourself up as a perfect office worker, you need to follow the following 10 hacks. They would help you to spend a smooth and panic-free day at work.

Hacks to Make Office Life a bit Bearable

Protect your keyboard from getting it spilled by coffee

We all have experienced this disaster at least once in our life. You are always careful while drinking any beverage or coffee while you are working on your computer, but until you even discover what has happened, you find your drink spilled on your keyboard. It can happen because we are so engrossed in our work that we mess up big time and get our keyboard spilled up all over. When your keyboard gets flood with the coffee, you don’t know how to clean it off because keyboards are intricate, and they can be hard to clean.

Protect your keyboard from getting it spilled by coffee

You don’t have to panic because we can give you a perfect solution to this problem. You should first turn off and unplug your computer from power and also take out the battery if the device can allow you to do that. This can prevent you from any risks of getting an electric shock. You shouldn’t wipe off the coffee because it might spill the coffee even more on your laptop. It is best to turn around the keyboard upside down so that the liquid can get drained off as much as it can. You should take the keyboard to the repair shop because they would be able to clean the laptop in a better and safer way. You can also prevent the coffee or other drinks by covering the keyboard with a plastic cover or drinking your beverage from a package that is locked up with a straw.

Clean up your laptop regularly

Keeping your laptop screen clean and without any stains can help you to leave a good impression about yourself. It is best to clean your laptop periodically so that it doesn’t get too dirty. Using alcohol and rubbing it on the screen can make it clean. You can also use a cotton swab or a fiber cloth to clean your laptop. Cleaning your laptop battery often is also an excellent idea to enhance the life of your system, so it is ideal that you take out the battery every once in a while and clean it off. Canned air can be perfect for cleaning the hardware as well.

When the equipment of your system is dirty, it can overheat your computer, and your working can get disturbed because of that. You can use cleaning sprays and spray short bursts of it to clean up the computer. You can use water to clean the screen and also rub alcohol to make it more sparkling.

Position the fan the right way

Fanning yourself with a stack of papers can make you look weird in the office, so it is best to position your fan in the right direction in the morning when you start your day at the office. There are certain things you should keep in mind when you position your fan. If your spot in the office is hot, but you have a place nearby that is open-air, it is best to place your fan a little away from you. Positioning it near the cooler area is the best way to get some cool and fresh air from the fan. If the weather is cooler as compared to the inside of the office, it is best to place the fan on the window so that the air can flow inside directly. If the weather is hot outside, it is ideal for keeping the fan near you so that the air can blow directly on your face.

Give your eyes some rest

Looking at the computer and working on it all day long can give your eyes a strain. It is best to give your eyes a little break if you need to work for long hours on the computer. Looking away from the screen often can help your eyes to take small breaks. If you give your eyes rest after every 20 minutes, your eyes would feel less strained. Place your computer away from the overhead lights because they can provide a pained glare to your eyes. There is a great add-on called Flux that can dim the brightness of your screen and make it yellowish, which can be less stressful to eyes.

The setting is perfect if you are working in the daytime, and the developers suggest it be preferably used in the day time. A dim screen can help to give your eyes less strain, and it also helps to provide you with better sleep at night. Apple also launched a tool that is called the night shift, and it also helps to give your eyes less strain. The tool is just compatible with Mac users, so it isn’t compatible with all kinds of devices.

Let the light come in

While you are sitting at your office desk, it would be a wise idea to put a mirror in front of yourself. In this way, you can catch a glimpse of yourself from time to time, and when the light comes in the room, it will be illuminated with the natural sunlight. If you place two mirrors instead of one, the view will look even better than before. Another advantage of putting a mirror on the table is that if a person comes from behind or tries to surprise you or get some attention, you can be ready beforehand. Many times people are using headphones, and in such a situation, you won’t be able to hear someone out, but when there is a mirror in front, you can see the person coming in towards you.

This can prove to be a beneficial idea if there is a window beside you, and the light can reflect inside quickly with the mirror, but if you don’t have a seat near the window, then purchasing a light bulb or even a lamp can do the trick. The therapy lamps are uniquely designed to treat people who have disorders of many sorts. They have turned out to be a useful option for treating depression and sleep disorders as well.

Get Fidget spinners

Get Fidget spinnersIf some people think that biting the nails or tapping the hands on the desk when you are idle are wrong, you will be in for a great surprise. Even if you doodle at work mindlessly fear not, but that’s if you are not disturbing your colleagues at work or not bringing harm to your body. According to a few types of research, it has been proved that if you keep your hands busy or move objects with your fingers, it will bring a good effect on your mental health. So it’s not a bad idea to get some fidget spinners for you.

This option shouldn’t be restricted for kids only, and the adults can make use of it. Not only fidget spinners, but there are other objects like fidget cubes or stress balls, which can be an excellent option to keep your hands busy as they are designed in the most innovative ways.

Place a plant near you

According to the latest research, if you place plants near while you sit and work at the office effortlessly, it will brighten up your day. Productivity and creativity will increase, and you won’t like to take days off from work. Your office will look beautiful if you place one or two plants inside, which boasts of vast greenery and make the environment fresh as well. Make sure that your fellow workers are ok with it as some people may have allergies from a particular plant.

Being considerate of others should be the first thing in mind when you are working in the office. You can keep those plants that don’t require much maintenance and can be managed easily. Sansevieria, Aglaonema, and Pothos are some excellent options, and you can place them near the windows so they get adequate sunlight too. If your seat is far from a window, then purchase some other types of plants like Spathiphyllum.

Give emotional support to the workers

When you are working at the office, you will want to complete the tasks on time and manage work well with or without the team. Your fellow worker may be sick or emotionally trained, and in such a difficult time, you should heal them and give as much emotional support as possible. When someone feels like crying rather than telling them to stop, they should be given space so they can complain if they feel better. Sometimes the managers are very harsh with their employees, so make them feel at ease and encourage them to work harder rather than shouting at them.

The best way to give support to a teary eye person is that takes them inside a room in private and close the doors, so they don’t feel embarrassed. Keeping the work environment light can keep the workers in a good mood, and they will work hard to deliver the best to the managers. You can even plan some activities from time to time, so workers don’t feel pressured.

Wake yourself up

There are some days when you feel tired or dizzy and don’t feel like coming out of your bed on time. You will drag yourself to the office and start working on the office desk with a bad mood. Some people have a habit of drinking coffee to make them stay alert, but it’s better if you have some other options in mind too. There is an excellent suggestion for all the lazy people out there. If you splash cold water on your face, it will energize you, and it will even be better if you take a shower after waking up in the morning. If you are running out of time, then drinking a cold glass of water will be equally beneficial.

As far as drinking coffee is concerned, if you take it at a specific time when cortisol levels are at the lowest, it will give you the best of results. The cortisol levels are at a peak during 8 and 9 am, so avoid drinking coffee at that time. The preferable timings of taking coffee in the day are at least 5 hours of your wake up time.

Office grooming hacks

The office working hours can be very tiring as you have to sit on the desk for long hours. You may feel sweaty, and the makeup may turn out to be worse. You may stink, which can be embarrassing when so many people are around. You cannot take a lot of toiletries at work as it would be a waste of money. Look for the options available around you; for example, you can use a coffee filter to remove the extra oil or sweat from your face.

A peel of banana can be used effectively to polish your shoes if they are dirty. Making use of the supplies that are around you will be helpful in a lot of ways. If you feel that the body odor is coming out very strong and it’s unbearable for others to sit around, you can quickly fill up a spray bottle with vodka and splash it all over the clothes. It will make you feel fresh, and the bad odor will be gone in seconds.

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