Camco Portable Toilet Bucket with Seat review

In the lake, caught trying to bring in some cod, sea bass, or whatever fish is teased. At that moment, it becomes apparent out of nowhere that you really need to do number two. What do you do for a living? Welcome to the universe of compact outdoor latrines.

It may not be the most consistent of changes, but convenient latrines are explicitly planned around versatility and compactness, making them an absolute must for anyone participating in sporting exercises like outdoors, fishing, vehicles. recreational and pursuit.

In this post, we discovered the 20 best convenient latrines for outdoor activities and other outdoor exercises.

We classified these portable urinals into three major classifications to make your search easy. In this sense, instead of going through the entire article trying to figure out what sticks and what doesn’t, you will basically choose the class that best suits your needs (and financial plan).


  • Five-gallon sink with latrine seat, top connection, and three liner bags
  • The seat fits securely over the edge of the sink
  • From simple to perfect and lightweight
  • Effectively versatile with attached carry handle
  • Made of UV resistant polypropylene
  • Note: The name on the container is the Camco brand and has the guide, it is not intended to be taken out.
  • This versatile outhouse is small enough to accompany you on your tent excursion, RV experience, outdoor vehicle trip, or simply to keep on your deck near your canopy tent.
  • Incredible stature.
  • It has a broad base to improve aid.
  • Removable bucket and lid; take into consideration simple and mess-free cleanings.
  • Made of plastic, therefore the segments can break or break in the long run.
  • The removable lid of the bucket must be removed to have the option of using the latrine.
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.4 x 16.1 x 13.8 inches
Material Polypropylene
Brand Camco
Item Weight 4 Pounds
Shape Cylindrical

Buying  guide

Fast but functional

Despite being made of plastic, the Basics latrine is elegant and attractive without sacrificing its usefulness. It has a uniquely designed removable bucket that also has a removable lid to contain any odors.


This item can tilt like a regular seat, especially for little ones, when the cover is closed. Although not appropriate for use, you can generally dispose of the removable container and use the latrine for cathodes.


A latrine is a decent option for RVers or campers in camping areas looking for outdoor emergency service. On the off chance that it was your only choice, its low limit would have it overridden after a few uses and the container is one of those pieces of the working frame.

With that in mind, this is the most improved container-style versatile latrine you’ll find on the lookout. It is strong, pleasant, easy to use, and has an ideal height.


The tank is detachable, so you can have one replacement tank ready, while the other is on its way to a dump station. There is also a seal to protect against odors and spills. It’s all plastic and possibly weighs around 30 pounds when full, however you can deal with a weight limit of up to 330 pounds.

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